shoulder exam

Physical Therapy

Many of us become frustrated when our ability to perform, either in our daily activities or in athletic competition, is affected because our bodies won't function as desired. Restoring proper movement and decreasing areas of muscle tightness and tension are important for optimal physical performance at any level, as well as to prevent future injuries from occurring.

Physical Therapy at Reneu is different than what you've probably experienced before. We work with each individual to target the source of your pain/injury, not just the symptoms. 

We utilize a variety of manual/hands-on techniques that are designed to restore proper movement, prevent injury, alleviate pain, as well improve performance. Our Physical Therapist addresses soft tissue and joint problems using myofascial release, joint manipulation and functional exercise to treat various musculoskeletal dysfunctions and allow patients to reach their full potential.

Initial New Client Session

45 min in length, full body evaluation including diagnosis + treatment.



Follow Up

30 min in length, combination of manual therapy, joint mobilization, and functional/corrective exercise.