making physical therapy personal.

At Reneu, we offer an evidence-informed, manual therapy approach to treating your pain, improving performance, and preventing injury.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with proper mobility, muscle activation and true patient-centered care.


Dr. Natalie Miller, PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of physical therapy, orthopedic certified specialist

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulation, Sports Massage, Dry Needling, Dance Medicine

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulation, Sports Massage, Dry Needling, Dance Medicine

Dr. Natalie has a genuine passion for her profession. She is dedicated to injury prevention, and is a true lover of sports and fitness. Her deep commitment is reflected in her loyalty and compassion to her clients and their overall health.

Natalie graduated from the University of Minnesota, earning a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Prior to attending the U of M, Natalie studied at the University of Kansas where she graduated with a BS in Exercise Science. She was a dancer for the University's Rock Chalk Dancers, and became interested in Physical Therapy because of injuries sustained herself.

In addition to focusing on her patients, Natalie enjoys working out at TigerFit, eating good food, and spending time with her husband and family. Natalie is a board-certified clinical specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities, and is always working to learn more about her profession . 




"When I went to see Dr. Natalie, I was seeking solutions for a mix of problems. I liked her holistic approach, her deep knowledge of traditional and new methodologies, and her compassionate follow through. I am a dancer, as is Natalie, and I especially appreciated her awareness and insights about movement, stretching and athleticism."

— Cynthia W, former patient


"I've been seeing Natalie as a client for several months. I have had chronic Achilles tendinitis for nearly three years. In that time, I've been to an orthopedist, podiatrist, massage therapist and another physical therapist-all to no avail. I met Natalie in a business capacity and was so impressed with her ability to connect with people, outlook and background that I decided to give PT another try. I am glad I did. After 7-8 sessions with Natalie, my tendinitis is about 50% better, and still improving. Unlike the other practitioners I've seen, Natalie took the time to ask detailed questions about my condition. She changed my stretching routine, and I can feel the difference she's making after each therapy session."

— Steve H, former patient


"The great news I want to share about Dr. Natalie is, thanks to her help the following is no longer true about me. For the past decade a large part of my identity has been- chronically injured athlete never able to return to unrestricted function; 7 surgeries and a multitude of other injuries and chronic conditions will do that to you (all within 28 years of life). I have seen more medical professionals than I can remember. Some have been a bust, some have helped a little, some have helped a lot, but none have been able to empower me to return to unrestricted sport and activity. Dr. Natalie possesses the professional expertise, caring, perspective, and ethics that was needed to empower me to return to unrestricted function."

Daniel J, current and future patient 


let the focus be on you.

We want our focus to be on getting you better. Due to the nature of insurance, as well as the uniqueness of our facility, we do not contract with insurance companies. We accept payment at time of service, and can provide you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to your insurance company.

Our services are covered by your HSA plan.



Initial New Client Session

Thorough examination + evaluation including diagnosis + treatment.

$130.00 (45 min)

follow up

Session may include a combination of manual therapy, joint mobilization, and functional/corrective exercise.

$75.00 (30 min)

trigger point dry needling

Session addresses one area of the body.

$45 (15-20 min)